• These 10.5 ft pole straps wrap around each pole to secure the 6 ft bungees to the pole.
  • Set includes eight 10.5 ft pole straps, with a loop at one end (these straps are made of Nylon, not bungee material)
  • Straps wrap around each pole, securing the 6ft bungees to the pole. The straps do NOT wrap through the netting, only around the 6ft bungee.
  • Provides an extra level of safety found only on our 380, 480, 480XT. The 6 ft bungees and 10.5 ft pole straps can also be added to the model 280 safety enclosure to upgrade it to a model 380.
  • Fits JumpSport Safety Enclosure Models 380, 480, & 480XT

Price –$34.95
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