Long Bungee Kit (Full set of 8)

  • These 6ft bungees secure the net to the entire length of each enclosure pole.
  • Includes eight 6ft bungees, with a loop at each end and a hook at one end
  • Bungees weave in and out of the net, straight down from the top to the bottom of each enclosure pole
  • Works in conjunction with the 10.5 ft pole strap kit to provide an extra level of safety found only on our 380, 480, 480XT, and AlleyOOP Sports enclosure models. The 6ft bungees and 10.5ft pole straps can also be added to the model 280 safety enclosure to upgrade it to a model 380.
  • Fits JumpSport safety enclosure models 120, 380, 480, & 480XT

Price – $43.95
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