Most enclosures come with U-bolts as shown in the picture below.

JS u bolts

Replacement u-bolts – set of 16 – $25.00


Custom Leg Clamps
With respect to the u-bolts both the leg of the trampoline and the pole of the enclosure are to be placed together in the u-bolt. It is very difficult to tighten the nuts sufficiently for the pole and leg to stay in place. For this reason, we recommend the custom clamps. As can be noted, the pole is positioned in one side of the figure “8” and the leg in the other side. This clamp works exceptionally well for most trampolines.
Price – $4.95 each set



A set includes a nut / bolt & two sides of the clamp.

With the purchase of a trampoline and / or enclosure from Trampoline Country we offer the following combo price – $3.95 each set
A trampoline with four legs will require 16 clamps.

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